Jalen Ramsey Derwin James is best player of 2018 NFL Draft’s

After Jahlan Ramsey announced that he was the best player in the 2016 NFL program for two years, the Jacksonville Jaguar champion was the same as former Florida teammate Dervin James.

The two biggest stars in the dynamic defense game “Seminoles”, including “Marquez White” from the Dallas Cowboys, reunited in Florida in the afternoon. Just as Ramsey was two years ago, James was considered one of the most versatile and talented defenders in the program.


“This is the best player in this year’s project. You must pass first place, but you know what’s going on in the project,” Tom Pelissero of Ramsey on the NFL network told James. “You never know where he can go… five, ten, fifteen.”

When asked about the possibility of teammates being reunited with one of the most deplorable defenses in the Jacksonville NFL, Ramsey did not want to hand over this to his friend. This does not mean that Jaguar chose No. 29 as a whole.

“If I have this power, it’s done, but Jags doesn’t have the first choice,” Ramsey said. “This must be done before he arrives at Jags.

James is one of the best athletes in the project and brings different versatility to Ramsay. Although Ramsay demonstrated the ability to play chess or safety in college, James saw the action of the midfield players, even the ribs.

“I know what kind of player I am,” James said. “I know I’m the best player in this project. I just think this is our year (at FSU). I just think I know I’m the best player. There are no other issues.”

NFL.com analyst Bucky Brooks and the Chad Reuters James project will be ranked 9th in San Francisco by 49 people and 7 people respectively during the peak period of the prototype project in Tampa Bay.

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