Top 10 MLB Draft high school prospects

1. Ethan Hankins, Forsyth Center (Calming, Georgia), RHP

Hankins raised national ratings to No. 1 and replaced fellow traveller Kumarock of Georgia in the past two seasons. The ability of Hankins to reach 97 mph per hour is one of the reasons he is considered the best pitcher in the project, but he also has a steady curve and change. Most fraudulent projects have Hankins, generally peaking in second place and not less than seventh place. Last year, he flew 77 times in 46 games.

2. Bristulan, San Diego (Crown, California), SS

The first player in the 2018 class, as a freshman, Turan and South Dedesadas are considered to be the first place in the average on average. In most fraudulent projects, Turang is a member of the top ten, and one of them even ranks him first. Last year he scored 13 doubles and 15 points for 4,465 points. The 2018 class had a strong shortstop mix with Tu Long’s leader. He is expected to stick with the shortstop, but if necessary, he can also move to second base.

3. Nolan Gorman, O’Connor (Phoenix), 3B

As one of the country’s most powerful offensive players, Gorman has already had 5 home games in 11 games this season. He had 11 home runs for junior high and sophomore, and averaged 0.432. Gorman was on the third base and had enough powerful hands to stay there. The prototype project shows Gorman from No. 2 General to No. 13.

4. Kumar Rocker, Northern Oakoni (Bogart, GA), RHP

Kurma is the son of Auburn Trasilok’s former football player and has a defender. At 6 feet 5,235 pounds, Rocker was one of the most feared pitchers in high school. Once considered to be the first choice in the 2018 draft, the swing man slipped down the prototyle in the first to fifteenth position. He could play 98 goals on his fastball and also developed a break. ball.

5. Nander de Sedas, Monverde Academy (Monford, FL), SS

De Sadas is a Panamanian, he has only a few years in the country, but he has climbed to the top of this level in 2018. If Turang is not the top prospect in this project, then De Sadas. He has more strength than Turan and blows from both sides of the plate. Some scouts are skeptical that he has the ability to stick with his friends, but it is very likely that he will be editing there in June. These swindlers let Desadas go somewhere in the top 12 elections.

6. Matthew Liberator, Rich (Glendale, Arizona), LHP

The country’s top-left pitching point of view is that the liberator is slightly different from most of the possible senior options because its changes and curves may be more developed than fastball. However, he can still reach a speed of 94 miles per hour on the fastball. It is roughly the same size as Rocker, 6-5 and 200 pounds respectively. The liberator had 8 wins and 0 losses with 96 strikeouts last season. There have been 14 strikeouts this year. The mock appeal forced him to bypass the No. 9 selection, but he forced him to board No. 1.

7. Jared Kelenich, West (Waukesha, Wisconsin), OF

As a member of the US team, the outfielder of high school has demonstrated his ability on the world stage in the past two seasons. This influence can help improve his project status because players from the northern states usually play fewer games in the school season. Kelenic is considered a potential athlete of five instruments with ever-changing power. Hope Kelenic can enter somewhere in the middle of the first round and may reach seventh place.

8.Banfield, Brookwood (Snelwell, Georgia), C

Catcher is one of the deeper positions in the 2018 project and Banfield is the group’s best prospect. Last year, the Banfield team showed good strength with seven strikeouts. A solid contact striker, he only played 12 times in 139 shots. However, Banfield will be selected in the first round because of his hand and it is reported that the project has the best time to explode. He can pass the second half of the first round.

9.Triston Casas, American Heritage (Plantation, Florida), 1B

Initially he was a member of the 2019 class and Casas was reclassified to the 2018 class. Amazing is the business card of Casas. He has a large framework of 6-4,238, and is the main preparator of the country’s first base. He had four home runs last year, but he has played 12 games this season for three seasons. It may enter the second round at the end of the first round.

10.Ryan Weathers, Loretto (Tenn.), LHP

At a small school level in Tennessee, the weather was good. It beat 7 homers and reached 0.516 times last year. However, he is considered to be the second best left-hander for the Liberator. His father David played in the major league, and Ryan spent his years with his father at the MLB Stadium. Last year, he exceeded 139

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