Top 10 Winter Olympics records at PyeongChang 2018

This year’s Winter Olympics has become another outstanding achievement for the fans. They are pleased with how they are waiting to find who they call gold in their favorite games.Many talented athletes and women can leave Korea, win and defeat.To commemorate the end of Pyeongchang 2018, we will carefully consider some people who have also managed to create new records of excellence.

1.Youngest Snowboarding gold medallist at a Winter Olympics (female)

Americans feel that Crooking (pictured above) has not improved for the first time in the history of the Olympics. For her competition in the women’s snowboarding project, she created history and became the youngest player in the world’s youngest 17- and 296-day Winter Olympic snowboard.In the final match held at Borgwang Phoenix Park, Kim was ranked 1080th, with the highest score of 98.25-8.5 ahead of other fields. She will qualify for Sochi in 2014, but at the age of 13, she is already below the minimum age of 15 for a semi-desert rival.Her victory was special for her family because she performed this feat in her parents’ hometown.

2.Most medals won at the Winter Olympics

As for the only athlete who played 15 times on the podium in the Winter Olympics, the Norwegian skier Marite Bore stands on top of the individual medals at all times.The runner-up winner won the medal between 2002 and 2018, and her last medal became gold in the beginning of this year’s classic classical classic.She won the Winter Olympics five times in a row and collected eight gold medals, four silver medals and three bronze medals. Five arrived in Vancouver in 2010 and she won three gold, silver and bronze medals.

Marit also has most of the Olympic Winter Games medals in cross country skiing (female) wins, most gold medals win in the Winter Olympics (female), and the Olympics have won 8 games.In 2010, cross-country skiers got their first gold medal when she won a personal sprint, an individual pursuit and a 4 x 5 kilometer repeat. She spent 15 kilometers of pistes, 30 kilometers of freestyle sprints and teams in 2014, completed his gold medal in 2018, defended at 30 kilometers, and helped restore Norway’s 4 x 5 kilometer crown.

3.Fastest two goals by a player in a Winter Olympic ice hockey match

When they saw US player Joseph Ramley-Davidson score two goals in 6 seconds, the ice-skating fans took a walk.The record was made on February 13th at the Guangdong Hockey Center in Gangung with a 5:0 score against the Olympic team from Russia during the US team’s victory.Josely’s first goal was family affairs. Her teammate and twin sister Monica Lamrore-Morando rebounded after scoring a goal.

4.Most snowboarding gold medals won at a Winter Olympics

Sean White left the champion and record holder of Pheng Chang and won three gold medals in the Winter Olympics, including three skiers. In his last game, White returned in the 1440s – he participated in the game for the first time – and recorded a winning percentage of 97.75 and helped him win the 100th gold medal for the United States in the history of the Olympic Winter Games. Many people left a deep impression on this feat, because in the weeks before the game, Sean still recovered from serious injuries to his face.

5.Oldest Winter Olympic gold medallist in alpine skiing (male)

Some of the best competitors are sports veterans; this refers to the experienced Alpine skier Axel Lund Svindal who won the 35-year-old male lineage on the 51st day of February 15th.He completed 0.12 seconds before compatriot Katil Yansrud at the center of Joan of Arc’s high mountains to ensure that Norway won the gold medal for the first time.This is Svindal’s second Olympic gold medal; he won the Super G Championship in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.

6.Most Winter Olympic appearances by an athlete

After participating in the 2018 Pyeongchang team competition, ski jumping player Noriaki Kasai played eight times at the Winter Olympics.In 1992, Japanese athletes participated in all the Olympic Games held in 1992 in Albertville, France until 2018.Although Kasayu is 45 years old, he is already fighting for the next Winter Olympics not only in Beijing in 2022, but also in the next Winter Olympic Games in 2026. His hometown Sapporo expressed his willingness to organize.He won Lillehammer’s silver medal in the Team Large Hill game in 1994.

7.Highest score in figure skating

Many fans of the Winter Olympics like to watch the elegant routine of skaters, and this year is no exception, thanks to 15-year-old Russian Alina Zagitova.On the way to winning the women’s singles gold medal, Alina hit the record high point of figure skating – this is a short program (female), reaching 82.92 points.With the “Black Swan,” she led a short program within a few minutes of the compatriot Eugene Medvedev’s creation of a new world record of 81.61. Zagitova became the second-largest female winter Olympic gold medallist after Tara Lipinski.

8.Oldest goalscorer in Olympic ice hockey (female)

Finland’s Hockey Ricca’s Välilä still got net for his country, which had a 7-2 victory over 44 years and 250 days, and she scored twice in the district of Sweden on February 17.Four days later, she added another record with the title of his name, after defeating the bronze medal against Russia, became the oldest hockey player at the Winter Olympics (female). This was the first piece of Ricky Nagano in 1998, when it was part of another bronze medalistkoy team.In South Korea, it is the Ice Riding in the Winter Olympics (female), the oldest hockey player in all other participating countries.

9.First woman to win individual gold medals in different sports at a Winter Olympics

The Czech athlete Esther Ledeckaya is a world champion skier and he often participates in alpine skiing. But in this year’s game, she became the first woman. Only the third person in the history of the Winter Olympic Games won two gold medals in different sports events in the same game.Before taking the gold medal on a snowboard parallel to a large obstacle ski, she borrowed another competitor’s snowboard to put gold coins into Super-G and beat champion Anna Veit in just 0.01 seconds. So far, Rydtec has not even stood on the podium of the International Ski Championships, let alone a victory!

10.Most medals won at a single Winter Olympics (country)

Pyeongchang 2018 events in Norway as they led the medals table 39, a new record for the Winter Olympics.They selected 14 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 11 copper scores, by cross-country skier Maribor Borrego, who won five medals, and Johannes Hosflot Klebo led with the other three and put them both, except in the United States In total there were 37 people in 2010.Norwegian athletes also have the highest number of gold medalists to win a Winter Olympics – from 14 countries that have brought them on par, with Canada (which was 14 in 2010) and Germany, which also reached 14 in this year’s game.

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